Styles of Yoga in 10 words or less

I started practicing Yoga in 1996 for rehabilitation purposes from several dance injuries. I didn’t really pay attention to styles of yoga, mainly because the thought of doing such a research seemed like a daunting task (after all, this was before search engines like Google became a household name).

I decided to provide you with a quick list of Yoga styles and short description in 10 words or less (yes, you may count the number of words):

  1. Aerial: Yoga using an aerial silks hung like a hammock.
  2. Anusara: Lighthearted, positive and fun in a challenging Vinyasa-inspired practice.
  3. Ashtanga: Fast-moving, 6 Series of sequences of progression. Physically strenuous.
  4. Bikram: 26 postures done twice in a 104°-heated room.
  5. Hatha: Classical approach, using physical poses and breath control.
  6. Iyengar: Focuses on proper alignment using props.
  7. Jivamukti: Chanting in Sanskrit and setting intention along with physical poses.
  8. Kripalu: Know, accept, and learn from your body. Poses and Meditation.
  9. Kundalini: Using meditation, poses, and breath control to elevate the spirit.
  10. Power: Think Ashtanga without the same 6 series of sequences.
  11. Restorative: Simple poses using props to restore the body and mind.
  12. Sivananda: Combines proper breathing, relaxation, diet, exercise, and positive thinking.
  13. Tantra: Combines poses, mantra, mudra, bandha (energy lock) and chakra work.
  14. Viniyoga: Gentle yoga, adapting poses according to individual needs and abilities.
  15. Vinyasa: Style varies by teacher, but they’re all flow type practices.
  16. Yin: Focuses on lengthening the connective tissues with gentle long holds.

This is not an extensive list, so if you have questions on any other styles of Yoga that I did not list, please send me a message!

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