200-HR Yoga Teacher Training

What people are saying…

When I made the decision to do a yoga teacher training, I thought I would only be doing it to possibly deepen my practice.  I wasn’t sure at all if I would want to actually stand in front a group of people and lead a class. After completing Jheni’s YTT, it has opened up a whole new desire to share this with other people!  Jheni’s YTT classes made such an impact on my personal life, I couldn’t imagine doing it anywhere else. Jheni is truly a wonderful teacher and does a great job of recognizing different personalities and allowing/assisting each student to evolve organically in their own way.  Going through this experience has taught me so much, including TRULY staying present in the moment and more importantly, being true to myself.  I would encourage EVERYONE who has even a remote interest in yoga teacher training to take Jheni’s YTT class or ANY class that SHE offers—you never know where that journey might lead you!!!”

– Shevon R.

Jheni’s yoga teacher training program has been beneficial to my life on and off the mat. Jheni is an intelligent lady with a big heart. Every student is seen as an individual. Jheni’s gift is teaching and she encourages her students in their personal areas of interest. Her program is thorough. After completing the program you will have the knowledge and confidence to teach. Jheni’s teacher training is excellent for first time certification, as well as for continuing education or for anyone who desires to deepen their practice.

– Kim L.

“I am grateful to Jheni for her amazing training and guidance over the last nine months! A major inner transformation has happened within my life, my yoga practice has deepened, and I feel fully prepared to be a Yoga Teacher! I definitely recommend her training, there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision!”

– Lisa M.

“I am very glad to have chosen to go through Jheni’s training. I faced a number of challenges over the course of our training; but, with Jheni’s support and understanding, I was able to complete the training. Through my Yoga Teacher Training experience, I learned a great deal about yoga itself, but also how to effectively engage others in yoga and share the benefits of yoga. Thank you Jheni for sharing your knowledge and support!”

– Leslie V.

“I had a wonderful experience in Jheni’s YTT program. She is an awesome teacher/mentor. The program taught me a lot about yoga, myself, and others... and I made some friends (fellow YTT students) along the way. Thank you, Jheni, for this beautiful journey.”

– Kellie M.