Step Back, Move Forward

Up until two weeks ago, I’ve been blogging every week since October 2019 about many topics; from yoga to my Christian faith, from writing a book to the pandemic. I started blogging weekly mainly to see if I can stick to it consistently, because God had put it on my heart to start a podcast. The thought of doing a podcast was intimidating and overwhelming to me. It’s in my nature to dive headfirst into whatever dream I want to pursue without doing the research and putting in the necessary preparation; but as I’ve gotten older and more experienced in completing projects successfully, I have trained myself to put in the time to realistically prepare myself while still dreaming big. I told myself that if I can stick to blogging every week for a whole year, I would launch a podcast. That one year mark came and went.

This year, I decided to launch my podcast about living your best authentic life in Christ, and the launch date was set to May 4th. I was preparing and was making great progress… until I realized that I started to lose sight of the purpose of the podcast. I found myself becoming anxious and stressed out about staying afloat with everything in my life (teaching classes, homeschooling my daughter, dealing with health challenges, leading a small group at church, continuing education for yoga & wellness, etc.). I was constantly multitasking (which can cause mental stress if done too long) and sleeping less. So as the launch date approached, I felt like I was not in the right place emotionally and spiritually to debut my podcast. I listened to the Holy Spirit telling me to wait, and I rescheduled my launch to June 1st. Well, today is June 14th, and I’ve yet to launch my podcast; but this time it was intentional.

A recent blood test showed that I have several health issues that needed to be dealt with right away, which you can read about in my previous blog, “The Body Tells You.It was at this moment that I realized I needed to take a step back in order to move forward. So with all that said, I’ve decided to step back in blogging weekly for now; instead, I will post a blog in the beginning of every month, starting on July 1st. Until my podcast launches (sometime this summer) my blogs will be mostly about behind-the-scenes of launching a podcast and writing a book (yes, I have decided to write a second book — you can buy my first book here). Once my podcast launches, my blogs will mainly be show notes and other behind the scenes info.

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With Gratitude,




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