Yoga Teacher Training – Weekend #6

Sorry so late… I should’ve posted this several weeks ago:

Hi, I’m Jheni.  And I’m a Pitta Kapha.
This is my lead-in to weekend #6 of the Yoga Teacher Training!

We continued are discussion on Vinyasa Krama and the methods to create the most efficient and effective practice for each individual according to their needs.  It really is pretty methodical in that every asana should be intentional (whether the pose is used as a warm-up, forward bend, backbend, twist, lateral, extension, or a counterpose), and it is put together elegantly.

Vinyasa Krama spoke to the analyst in me, but learning about the chakras, doshas and prana vayus blew my mind!

I think out of all the things I learned this weekend, figuring out my prakriti (your ayurvedic constitution) opened so many doors to my inner-self.  (Find out what dosha you are by taking the Dosha Quiz)

So yes, as I stated in the beginning of this blog, I’m a Pitta-Kapha.  Shanon, our teacher, had us take the Dosha Quiz twice: Once for when we were younger and once for the way we are presently.  My results showed that I currently have a Pitta imbalance, so my goal will be to decrease the amount of Pitta.

At the end of the weekend, we partnered up and practiced reading each other’s pranayama vayu.  We took turns observing each others breathing to see if there were any possible blockage in energy.  Apparently, I do not have any blockage (although I believe emptying my bladder beforehand would’ve made it more comfortable for me!), but the girl that I partnered up with had a blockage in the Pran (also known as “Prana”, the first vayu in Prana Vayu).  It was really interesting how just by observing the breath, you can determine energetic blockages within a person!

We’re meeting in two weeks (instead of three), so my next post should be up soon!

So until next time… May your days be bright and your heart be light!


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