What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese holistic healing system that works to promote a natural healing in all levels of the body (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). It is facilitated by a light touch on various points on the body as well as a non-touch approach focusing on the energetic fields on the body. (Jheni uses the non-touch method)

It is based on the idea that the life force energy which flows through us has a direct impact on our health and well-being. If one’s life force energy is low, the likelihood of developing illnesses increases; and if it is high, the mind, body and the spirit can heal and function on an optimal level.

Reiki can create other beneficial effects such as stress-reduction, relaxation, feelings of peace, security and overcoming trauma. Because it is a non-invasive healing method, Reiki can be used safely with adults, children and animals.

Some of other health benefits of regular reiki treatments may include:
• Improve quality of sleep/reducing insomnia
• Decrease in anxiety
• Improve mental focus and clarity
• Increase in energy
• Decrease in chronic pain
• Improve recovery times after surgery or injuries
• Reduce the negative side effects of medications (including chemotherapy and radiation)
• Release painful emotions tied to past events or traumas
• Increase in will-power

Reiki always creates a beneficial effect and works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to promote recovery.


Jheni Solis Wellness Studio (Highland Creek, Charlotte):
$60 Initial Consultation + Reiki (60 minutes) | Follow-up Sessions: $40 (30 minutes) | $60 (55 minutes) | Prepay 4 Sessions for $200 (55 minutes each)

On Track Yoga 
(Mount Holly):
$60 (45 minutes)

Client’s Home (Residents in Zip Codes 28078, 28269, 28216, and 28262):
$75 First Session | Follow-Up Sessions $60 (45 minutes) 

Distance Reiki Sessions:
$60 Initial Consultation + Reiki (60 minutes) | $40 Follow-up Sessions (30 minutes)


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